Cheryl H. Hahn Opening Exhibition

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Cheryl H. Hahn Opening Exhibition

February 3 @ 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Cheryl H. Hahn – Drawing Conclusions

Join us on February 3rd for the opening exhibition at 5 PM, followed by a walk-through tour given by Hahn herself at 6 PM.

My work depicts organic, biomorphic shapes enfolded within dynamic, colorful compositions that allude to landscape, botanical growth, and abundance.  The mixed media-on-wood paintings and works on paper depict forms that appear to be tumbling, rolling, swirling, and clustering together, while at the same time releasing an animating energy. The pieces submitted here reference water, wind and earth.

However, the goal is not to imitate nature, but to connect with it in a more spiritual way; thus capturing the alchemy of light, color, form and pattern of intangible life forces that transcend what we see as the “real” world. The end result is a series of paintings and drawings that illustrate a complex “organic surrealism.”

I relate to harmonic and hidden energies that inform, support and breathe life into all that is around us. All is in motion for me; nothing stands still. Many of the works are in a state of “becoming” but there is also the dual nature involving deconstructing…. All of it grows from an organic source. As we become more distanced from that source, I feel that work such as mine can help to replenish the missing parts of feeling connected to nature.


February 3
5:00 pm - 8:00 pm
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