Alliance of the Swope Presents: Carolyn Phillips “Sell your art! How hard can it be?” @ Swope Art Museum
Jan 19 @ 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm

Carolyn will tell us about her experiences as an artist on the road. She began exhibiting at juried art festivals full time in the summer of 2004, following her retirement from teaching art in the public schools for 32 years.  While teaching, Carolyn continued to create her own art and explored media she had not learned while at Indiana State University.  She studied such subjects as weaving, colored pencil drawing, computer graphics, and new jewelry making materials.  Carolyn became a certified instructor of Art Clay Silver in 2003 and enjoyed its potential for making interesting and beautiful sculptural jewelry. After creating more jewelry than she could possibly wear or give to friends, she decided to enter art fairs to sell her jewelry, and thus make money to buy more materials to make more jewelry!  The tactile nature of the clay allows her hands to be the primary tools for creating organic forms with intricate textures.  The creative possibilities are endless and the process is very direct.  We are going to hear Carolyn tell us of the trials and rewards of being on the road, in a program she calls: Sell your art!  How hard can it be?

Alliance of the Swope Presents: Todd Stokes @ Swope Art Museum
Feb 16 @ 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm

Todd Stokes grew up in Terre Haute and graduated from ISU with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in photography with a minor emphasis in plexiglas sculpture.

Todd is co-manager and design artist at The Golden Frame in Terre Haute by day, and by night, he works in his art studio in Dennison, IL, where he reimagines the rural landscape-specifically trees- to feature in his award-winning photographic images, glass etchings and sculptures. Stokes has most recently held first place honors for his 3-D etched glass mixed media entry in River City Art Association’s fall exhibition, and honorable mention in the Annual Midwest Photography Juried Exhibition at the Bicentennial Art Center at Paris, IL.

Todd speaks about his creative process in this way. “As I walk around the yard and trek through the woods, I become extremely aware of subtle details;  the draping shadows of a limb across the trunk of a tree, a brightly lit spot of leaves in an otherwise darkly shaded area, or an interesting leaf that catches my attention out of the corner of my eye.  Some of these I attempt to capture through ‘the lens’.   Some of them I study with wonder, internalizing the essence of why it has stopped me in my tracks, demanding my attention.”

The Alliance of the Swope Presents: Susan Baley – “Why a Painting is Like a Pizza: A Guide to Understanding and Enjoying Modern Art” @ Swope Art Museum
Mar 16 @ 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm

Susan Baley’s talk will focus on art appreciation from the perspective of one of her favorite books: Why a Painting is like a Pizza: A Guide to Understanding and Enjoying Modern Art by Nancy Heller.  Both the author and Susan are cooks who often see the parallels between cooking and art making!  The talk will consider how we can refine the analytical tools we already possess to understand and enjoy even the most unfamiliar paintings and sculptures.

Alliance of the Swope Presents: Michael and Susan Tingley – “Partners in Art” @ Swope Art Museum
Apr 20 @ 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm

Michael and Susan are both active and talented artists in the Wabash Valley. The title of their talk is Partners in Art.

Michael R. Tingley, MFA, has held exhibitions since 1975 in New York City, Philadelphia, Connecticut, Cologne Germany, Illinois and Indiana.   He spent many years in New York as a graphic designer for numerous magazines and as an art handler and art fabricator for galleries and museums.  He is a former professor of Art History, Fine Arts, Drawing, Painting, 2D and 3D design, Typography and Graphic Design for Oakland City University, at Rockville Correctional Facility in Indiana, and was former co-owner of Caboodle Cupcakes in Terre Haute, Indiana.  Michael is now a full time artist and the Gallery Director for Arts Illiana.

Susan Tingley received a BFA from Indiana State University, began a career as a graphic designer and has exhibited paintings and sculptures in Indiana and Illinois.  After spending 28 years in healthcare, Susan created a new venture, Caboodle Cupcakes, in Terre Haute. They were some of the best cupcakes you could ever eat! Susan and Michael also kept art in the cupcake business, with occasional art shows with cupcakes as the subject matter! Susan is now the Development Director for the Vigo County Historical Museum and continues to find time to pursue her passion for making art.

Over the last 20 years, Susan and Michael have been partners on many levels.  As artists, they have shared more than a studio. They have also shared a sensibility and passion that comes through in their work as individual artists. Michael and Susan have taken their joy in creating art to new levels through their collaboration and consultation.

Alliance of the Swope Presents: David and Kathy Brentlinger
May 18 @ 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm

Our May meeting will be held at the home of David and Kathy Brentlinger. For those of you who haven’t had a chance to visit their West Terre Haute residence, you are definitely in for a treat!  The grounds are absolutely beautiful, and the pool house and garden areas are unique with the addition of some of David’s wonderful finds from old buildings that were discarded and then adapted by him.  David built the home between 1982 and 1987 and one can see the labor of love in its design.  The interior contains so many beautiful things for you to discover when you visit.  David was chosen to receive the Marilyn Wheeler Pendergast Outstanding Dedication to the Swope Art Museum Award in 2015 and Kathy serves as President of the Swope’s Board of Managers. We are so glad to have this couple giving their energies to the Swope.

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