Current Exhibitions

Current Exhibitions


James C. Pearson

Education Gallery

January 22 – March 14

Signs is a portfolio of ten photographs taken in New York City of frayed and layered posters and billboards. The History of fragmented images and words creates a new image, flattened by the media of black and white photography.


The 100th Anniversary of the Rorschach Test

2nd Floor Lobby Gallery

January 29 – May 9

In 1921, Hermann Rorschach wrote his book Psychodiagnostik, containing the results of his studies on mental patients, and the ten cards that became the foundation of the Rorschach test. While still a medical student, he wondered why different people saw different t hings in art, and began showing inkblots to children and analyzing their responses. View ten selections from the Swope’s permanent collection. What do you see?

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