Monotype Printing with Markers

with Mrs. Cantin – Swope Art Museum – Summer Art Studio

In this video we will try out the monotype printing technique using washable markers.

Materials List
Plastic baggie
Washable (water based) markers
Spray bottle
Paper towel


  1. Using markers, draw your design onto the plastic baggie. The baggie will be used as a printing plate. Try to fill the printing plate with color.
  2. Next, we will prepare the paper for printing. Use the spray bottle to dampen the paper. You want the paper to be evenly wet, but without puddles.
  3. Printing! To make a print you will place the paper on top of the printing plate. Next, apply pressure all over the paper.
  4. Remove the paper to reveal your print!
    *Optional step: once the paper is dry, use markers to draw on top of the print to add more detail.

The fun thing about using a printing plate is that it can be cleaned and used again and again!