Frequently Asked Questions:

When may I register my artist for classes?

2020’s public registration begins Wednesday, April 7thEnrollment deadlines are one full week prior to the first day of the studio session. Because of the small studio sizes, we encourage you to register as early as possible.

How much do studios cost?

Single-week AM & PM sessions are $70 for Museum members ($90 for non-members)

What time do studio sessions begin?

Studio sessions occur Monday through Friday beginning at 9:00 am for the morning (AM) sessions or 12:00 pm for the afternoon (PM) sessions.

How long is a studio session?

Both AM and PM sessions are two hours long.

How many artists are in each class?

To allow for individual attention, most studio sizes are limited to 12 artists. However, the Visual Explorations courses accommodate 8.

Are all materials provided?

Yes, except where noted for photography studios. Those enrolling artists in clay studios may wish to bring a box for carrying artworks home.

Can my artist attend a studio if their age is one year different than the age range given?

Exceptions to studio ages must be reviewed with each instructor and is based on the tools and materials used in the session.

I’m having trouble finding studios for my artist’s age range. Is there a different way to view the studios?

Yes! Try viewing the studios in our calendar, and using the tags to specify your artist’s age.

My artist is enrolled in a studio session, but our schedule has changed or he/she no longer wants to take the studio. How do you handle cancellations and refunds?

Cancelling enrollment is simple; please contact Mallory Eilbracht, Coordinator of Summer Art Studio, before the studio session enrollment deadline, and the Museum will issue a refund.

Enrollment deadlines are one full week prior to the first day of the studio session. No refunds will be made after enrollment deadlines.

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