Summer Art Studio 2021

(June 7 – July 23)

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Studio Schedule

June studios will be held at Hawthorn Park the weeks of June 7, June 14, and June 21st from 9am-11am and 12pm-2pm.
July studios will be held at the Swope the weeks of July 12, July 19, and July 26 from 9am-11am and 12pm-2pm.

WEEK 1 | JUNE 7 – 11

Hawthorn Park, Burkeyblye Shelter

9 AM – 11 AM Session

101 | Clay: Adventures in Mud! with Korinne Cantin (ages 4 – 7) 

This studio is full. Registration is closed. 

This is a clay studio for tiny artists to experience several hand building techniques. Projects will use artist-grade air dry clay, Stonex, that allows for all the applications of traditional clay without firing or baking. Artists will make many fun projects using the pinch, slab, and coil method. Projects will be centered on fun subject-matter such as animals, plants, and food! Please bring a box to the studio to transport projects home every day.

12 PM – 2 PM Session

1o2 | Park it and Draw! Observational Drawing in Hawthorn Park with Korinne Cantin (ages 9 and up)

This studio is full. Registration is closed. 

This class is for a student looking to level-up their drawing skills. Students will work outdoors using classic drawing materials. This class will emphasize the power of observation when drawing from life. Landscape, portrait, perspective, and shading are among some of the topics covered in this course. Students should be prepared to walk to different locations throughout the park. Please dress and plan footwear accordingly.

WEEK 2 | JUNE 14 – 18

Hawthorn Park, Burkeyblye Shelter

9 AM – 11 AM Session

201 | Dress to Mess with Sarah Trover (ages 4 – 6)

Explore making artwork using your entire body and get messy in the process. This class will integrate all five of the senses while teaching the basics of art. Ages 4-6 can explore a variety of art materials including clay, paint, and collage during this class.

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12 PM – 2 PM Session

202 | The Process of Pastels: Oil Pastel Techniques and Tricks with Kasey Chew (ages 7 – 10)

This studio is full. Registration is closed. 

During this class, you will learn various tips, tricks, and techniques using oil pastels in order to enhance your painting experience, and become more familiar with the mixed-media process.  You will explore the world of art as a science by experimenting with the oil-resist technique, practice various blending techniques in order to achieve harmony within your composition, and learn fun tips and tricks with oil pastels to become a more confident and experienced artist.

WEEK 3 | JUNE 21 – 25

Hawthorn Park, Burkeyblye Shelter

9 AM – 2 PM Session

301 | The Art of Theater with Tina Ginoplos (ages 7 and up)

Spots opened back up! Register now!

This two session studio will allow artists to explore the connection between fine art and theater. Artists will start the day off with warm ups, acting exercises, and rehearsal as they put together a skit inspired by Grant Wood’s Spring in Town. Artists will break for an hour for lunch at 11 (please bring your own) and theater games. Then the afternoon session will be spent creating art projects to use as props and costumes to use in the final performance. Family is invited to watch the final skit Friday at 12:30pm.

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WEEK 4 | JULY 12 – 16

Swope Art Museum, Education Center

9 AM – 11 AM Sessions

401 | Clay Creations with Lacey Lewis (ages 9 – 13)

This studio is full. Registration is closed. 

This class is great for anyone who likes to get their hands a little dirty! Clay is a great way to explore building and creating in a 3D format and is a perfect hands-on activity for any ability level. We will mold and make some amazing things, such as pinch pot monsters, thumb owls, coil pots, and more. Join us in creating some fun and messy clay creations!


402 | Painting through History with Hayley Bean (ages 4 – 6)

As we focus on a variety of painting techniques, this SAS class will also be motivated by Art History, the past masters, currently working artists, and artworks featured at the Swope Museum. The students will explore with watercolors, acrylics, pastels, chalk, colored pencils and more. Finger painting is definitely a must!

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12 PM – 2 PM Sessions

403 | Creative Explorers with Lacey Lewis (ages 7 – 10)

This studio is full. Registration is closed. 

Do you love to draw, paint, and explore new ideas with a lot of different materials? If so, this is the class for you! Art is often about self-exploration and the fun of discovering all of the creative ways that materials can be used. We will cover everything from drawing with oil pastels, and markers to painting with watercolors, acrylics, and even fingers! We may even incorporate textiles and collage. Come and create some masterpieces on this messy, fun-filled adventure!


404 | Fired up: Ceramics with Hayley Bean (ages 9 and up)

Artists will make unique creations with clay in this studio. Learn the basics of ceramics making in this studio. Artists will leave their art to dry for two weeks and then be fired in a kiln for long lasting ceramics. Artwork will need to be picked up two weeks after the class at the Swope. 

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WEEK 5 | JULY 19 – 23

Swope Art Museum, Education Center

9 AM – 11 AM Session

501 | The Wondrous Mandala with Jude Irving (ages 7 – 10)

This class will be taught by Jude Irving. Mandalas are a wonderous artform that brings much beauty to this world.  A Mandala is an array of geometric or organic symbols that is usually circular in form. In fact, “mandala” is a Sanskrit word that means “circle” or “center.”  In many Asian cultures the Mandala is a spiritual symbol used during meditation, representing the universe. In this art class our young artists will learn several techniques of how to make a mandala from drawing on paper with tools, to transferring images on coffee filters and even making aluminum foil mandalas. I cannot wait to see how each young artist creates their unique Mandala that they can proudly hang on the wall.

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12 PM – 2 PM Session

502 | Colorful Quilling and Paper Shaping with Jude Irving (ages 9 and up)

This class will be taught by Jude Irving. Quilling is the technique of rolling and shaping strips of paper to create an image.  This artform goes back thousands of years to the Egyptians, but wasn’t made popular until practiced in Europe during the medieval times.  During the Renaissance Italian and French monks created beautiful quillings of biblical scenes for wall hangings. In this art class our young artists will learn how to create fantastic images with strips of rolled paper. I cannot wait to see how each young artist creates their unique Quillings that they can proudly hang on the wall.

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WEEK 6 | JULY 26 – 30

Swope Art Museum, Education Center

9 AM – 11 AM Session

601 | Tiny World: Sculpture and Miniature Making with Korinne Cantin (ages 9 – 13)

This studio will use a wide variety of materials to create a tiny world of art! Artists will create dioramas filled with small scale sculptures. Artists will experience air dry clay, paper mache, cardboard construction, and many other interesting materials. Projects will be very open-ended. Artists will have the freedom to pick a theme and run with it!

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12 PM – 2 PM Session

602 | Super Psychedelic Drawing Doodles with Korinne Cantin (ages 9 and up)

This studio is full. Registration is closed. 

Artists will use fun, mixed-media techniques to add extra flair to their drawings! This studio will focus on improving observational drawing skills as well as having artists try their hand at drip painting, cup paint pours, splatter painting, and paint marker sketching. The end result:  drippy, colorful, and totally unique creations! 

Need-Based Scholarships

Click here for a PDF application.

Submissions are due by Friday, May 21st. Awards will be disbursed by Monday, May 31st, 2021

Need-Based Scholarships will be awarded to artists on the basis of financial need, desire to participate, and space availability.

Be sure to fill out the application completely. Please return the completed application by mail, fax, email, or in person to:

Swope Art Museum, 25 South 7th Street, Terre Haute, IN 47807

Fax: 812.238.1677

Instructor Bios

Hayley Bean – Brightly settled in the Wabash Valley, I spend my days working at the Terre Haute Brewing Company, teaching and managing a community pottery studio at Deming Park, and always continuing to grow and expand my own body of artwork. While mostly focusing on ceramic design, my artist portfolio holds a collection of mixed-media projects, oil paintings, prints, and other creative pursuits. The shared art experience is truly remarkable and those are the moments that continue to inspire me throughout the creative process. I cannot wait to be involved in SAS at the Swope this year!

Jude Irving – Ms. Irving is an artist with a BS Environmental Design in architecture and BS Art Education.  She has a diverse background of practicing architecture, traveling plus working in Europe and now works for the Vigo County School Corporation as an art teacher while also creating her own artwork.  She has a YouTube channel, The Tiny Artist, that focuses on creating artwork and brings dwarfism awareness to her subscribers.

Kasey Chew – My name is Kasey Chew.  I am the art teacher at Lost Creek Elementary.  I love teaching art!  The most important part of my job is instilling confidence and positive attitude in my students by teaching them how to become comfortable with various art-making processes.  In my class, you will be exploring my favorite art medium:  oil pastels!  I am excited to show you so many fun and exciting ways to use this amazing little art material! 

Korinne Cantin – Korinne Cantin is in her ninth summer of teaching at the Summer Art Studio. She has been teaching art to k-8 students in local and neighboring communities for the last eight years. Korinne’s favorite part of being an art teacher is helping students use art to tell their stories. In her free time, Korinne enjoys working in her sketchbook with gouache paint and crocheting tacky sweaters.

Lacey Lewis – Lacey graduated from Purdue with a bachelor’s degree in fine arts at the end of 2014. She works full-time as an art teacher for Vigo County and loves creating in her spare time. She is a former gallery attendant for the Swope and is a returning instructor for the Summer Studio. Lacey loves art exploration and mixed media work. Much of the inspiration for her own work comes from nature, recycling, her family history, and her love of travel.

Sarah Trover – Sarah Trover is the Program and Event Manager of the Vigo County Public Library. She is a 2010 graduate of Indiana State University’s Art Education program.  Sarah is an active member of the arts community. She is an Arts Illiana board member, 41/40 Arts and Cultural District committee member, Altrusa International of the Wabash Valley member and a founding member of Terre Haute Positive. She recently adopted two children ages 3 and 4.

Tina Ginoplos – Tina Ginoplos has been involved in theater arts for over thirty years. Her local experiences include community theater, children’s theater, and teaching theater arts. She is the theater arts and speech teacher at North Vigo High School, director of the fall play, and the drama club sponsor. She loves visiting art museums with her two children Samantha and Caden. Her passions are directing, making props, and creating mixed media art in her free time. She looks forward to this new adventure as an instructor for the Summer Art Studio. 


To volunteer for Summer Art Studio, please reach out to our Director of Community Engagement, Hilda Andres, or Communication Manager, Sami Ginoplos.


All artists, instructors, and volunteers must wear masks for the duration of all studios. Studio capacity is limited to 12 artists per outdoor studios, and 10 artists per indoor studios to allow us to safely distance the students. Artists will get their own personal supplies that they will maintain throughout the week. Bathrooms are cleaned on the hour. In the event that an artist, instructor, or volunteer is sick, they should not come to class. Keeping our participants safe is a top priority while still offering an enriching art experience this summer.


Artists are just children who refuse to put down their crayons.  – Al Hirshfeld

Participate in a week-long art adventure. Visit our permanent and temporary exhibitions and become inspired. Learn alongside our experienced art educators. Experiment with new materials and take home a work of art each day. Projects are geared towards your artist’s educational and artistic needs. Be sure to register early as space is limited.

  • Studios are designed for artists ages 4 – 18
  • Sessions take place Monday – Friday
    • Sessions are from 9 – 11 AM and 12 – 2 PM
  • Low instructor-to-artist ratio
  • Maximum of 12 artists per session
  • All art supplies are included
  • Variety of studio offerings


Registration opens in April. Studio sizes are limited to 12 artists in June and 10 artists in July and are processed on a first-come, first-served basis.


$70 Swope members / $90 Public Non-members

Payment is due in full at the time of registration. Studio sessions are subject to cancellation if there is insufficient enrollment. In the event of a cancellation, artists will be notified and refunded in full.

FINANCIAL AID OPPORTUNITIES are available every year!


Pick up and drop off will be at Burkabyebyle Shelter at Hawthorne Park in June, and Education Center at Swope Art Museum in July.

  • All artists must be signed in and out, by a grown-up daily. Artists will only be released to individuals on your Pick-Up form. Please be prepared to show an ID.
  • Artists participating in a morning session arriving before 8:45 AM must be accompanied by a grown-up and will be asked to wait until instructor is ready. Artists must be picked up by 11:30 AM. 
  • Artists participating in an afternoon session arriving before 11:45 AM must be accompanied by a grown-up and will be asked to wait until instructor is ready. Artists must be picked up by 2:30 PM.

There will be no food provided. Artist’s are encouraged to bring their own personal water bottles. Water will be provided. Please encourage artists to eat and use the restroom before attending. Restrooms will be available and will be sanitized on the hour.



Questions? Please check out our Frequently Asked Questions page:

If you still have questions, feel free to reach out to us at the contact below! We are always happy to help!
Thank you for being patient and understanding with us during this unique time.