Alliance of the Swope Presents

The Alliance presents engaging talks and demonstrations by area artists, designers, educators, and historians. The free Alliance presentations begin at noon on the third Friday of the month and are open to the public. For more information about the Alliance, please click on Support.


President …………….. Patricia McIntyre

Vice-President …….. Cathie Laska

Secretary …………….. Carole Dreher

Treasurer ……………. Jackie Bradfield


Check out the 2022 – 2023 program schedule below.

*  – These events will take place at noon after the Alliance meeting

January 2023

*Friday, January 20: Patricia McIntyre’s “On the Royal Rocks”

Patricia McIntyre holds a Ph.D. and is the current President of the Alliance. Patricia has a deep interest in the sculpture and paintings of New World indigenous peoples, the spiritual content of art, and the social influences that contribute to the definition of art within cultures.  It was an exhibition of the work of French jewelers, Van Cleef and Arpels, that sparked an interest in gemstones as examples of cultural expression. That interest has informed the basis of this presentation.

Hostesses: Cathleen Hogan, Cathie Laska, and Rhonda Yocum

February 2023

Friday, Feb. 3: Alliance Raffle and Party on First Friday

*Friday, Feb. 17: Emmitt Tyler II’s – FIFTY SHADES OF BLACK: Racism Undercover

Emmitt is an art teacher at Sarah Scott Middle School. He was raised in Terre Haute and received his BFA in Graphic Design and Art Education at Indiana State University. His current area of study and personal series of art production is centered around politics, racial issues, and his Christian faith. Emmitt believes that through the arts, we can achieve meaningful, challenging, and eye-opening experiences with the successful dialogue concerning the difficult issues currently plaguing society.

Hostesses: Eileen Prose and Nancy Walbring

March 2023

Friday, March 10: Page & Palette

Reading A Piece of the World by C.B. Kline. Time and place TBD

*Friday, March 17: Barbara Dreher – Crow Indian Beading

Barbara became interested in Native American Culture in high school, where she met her future husband and discovered that his grandfather had a connection to the Crow tribe in Montana. They were invited by a native friend to attend a powwow and, subsequently, joined the Kennekuk Indian Hobbyist Association. She was ‘adopted’ by an elderly Crow lady and as a result of that friendship, has created many pieces in the Crow style throughout the years, including finger weaving, quill work, and beadwork. Barbara will share her art and culture with us.

Hostess: Francie Sutch and Patty Thoms

April 2023

*Friday, April 21: Shawn Russell – Fantasy Artist

Shawn is a wildlife and fantasy artist specializing in creating detailed depictions of animal and imaginative realism. She crafts her images using primarily graphite, ballpoint pen, ink, and digital painting techniques. Shawn’s illustrations highlight endangered animals in a way that appreciates their natural beauty and raises awareness of the urgent need for conservation. In her most recent series, she explores life cycles within biomes by posing plants and fungi with predatory animals in symbolic relationships alluding to the natural process of decomposition, regrowth, and renewal in the natural world.

Hostess: Roberta Marietta and Nancy Nation

May 2023

*Friday, May 19: Fred Nation – The State of the Swope

Fred has served as Executive Director of the Swope since October 1, 2018. Fred and his wife, Nancy, have both been very active in the Swope for many years. Fred has worn many hats throughout the years, but today – as our fearless leader – he will share with us the physical, financial, and artistic health of our favorite museum. We are so proud to call Fred our director and grateful for his leadership.

Hostess: Officers of the Swope Alliance