Great Art for All: A Campaign for Tomorrow

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Thanks to the vision and insight of two individuals – Sheldon Swope, who endowed the creation of an art museum in downtown Terre Haute nearly a century ago, and our first director, John Rogers Cox, who assembled the museum’s amazing core collection – our community continues to enjoy a truly great center for American Art: The Swope Art Museum. Sheldon Swope believed that to be truly great, a community needs a great art museum that is accessible to all. For nearly a century, visitors have experienced critically acclaimed art by renowned artists and have never paid an admission fee. To this day, our downtown presence in the Swope Building contributes to our vibrant community, enhancing its culture, education, and economy.

In recent years, we have made significant upgrades to the Swope Building’s roof, facade, and windows. Soon we will be painting the first floor gallery and installing new flooring. With Great Art for All: A Campaign for Tomorrow, we can make additional infrastructure improvements and build the museum’s endowment, assuring that the Swope will continue to serve our community for years to come.

To seize the Swope’s opportunities for tomorrow, we have entered a five-year, $5,000,000 campaign that will address three major areas of need.

  1. Preserve and protect the existing collection
  2. Enhance museum accessibility for all patrons
  3. Ensure a successful future by growing the endowment

We need your help to reach our goal! To donate to Great Art for All: A Campaign for Tomorrow, contact Fred J. Nation, Executive Director at (812) 238-1676, ext. 113.

The Carroll Family Fund is part of this campaign. Mary Mary Ann Carroll, beloved by many (including the Swope!) was especially concerned about accessibility of the museum. Of particular concern is to replace the ancient elevator with one that will be larger and more convenient for everyone, including parents with strollers and people in wheelchairs. Replacement is expensive and raising $250,000 toward that goal is the first priority of the Carroll Family Fund. The new first floor elevator lobby, adjacent to the Education Center, will house a gallery named for the Carroll family. The art in this gallery will feature works by and for young people and will include information about the Education Center. To carry on the legacy of Mary Ann and contribute to the Carroll Family Fund, click the donate button below, or contact Executive Director Fred Nation.