Artists on Art:

Friday, May 20, 6pm

Professor Nancy Nichols-Pethick on the exhibition paper-bound abstractions curated by interns Grace Berry and Nicole Gruenwald

Artist and Indiana State Univeristy Professor of Painting/Drawing Nancy Nichols-Pethick will be speaking about the exhibition paper-bound abstractions, which is hanging in the 2nd floor Education Gallery until July 31st. Professor Nichols-Pethick acted as advisor to her students, Grace Berry and Nicole Gruenwald, during their internship at the Swope with curator Amy MacLennan.

In curating this exhibition, we wanted to expose works from the collection that are rarely seen, and decided to focus on works on paper. Our obsession began when we realized how many amazing works on paper were kept out of sight in flat files. Works on paper are exhibited less frequently than paintings for practical reasons. They must be handled with great care and protected from overexposure to light. When works on paper are displayed, they are put in reusable frames for exhibition, then returned to safe storage in the flat files afterwards. We found that we graveted toward more abstract works, so we decided to continue with the theme. Please enjoy our favorite paper-bound abstractions.

— Grace Berry and Nicole Gruenwald