November 18 | 10 am to 2 pm


Join a team of appraisers from the Link Auction Galleries in St. Louis-including Susan Kime, a frequent contributor on Antiques Roadshow-at the Swope Art Museum for appraisals on fine art, jewelry, porcelain, silver, bronze, furs, decor, toys, and collectibles.

Photos of furniture or large items are allowed, but please do not bring in your physical item.

Firearms and weapons of any kind are prohibited. 

The appraisers’ goal is to tell you, country of origin; year made; value; and any additional information they can provide. 


$25 ticket includes 2 general admission tickets and 1 appraised item.

$35 ticket includes 2 general admission tickets and 2 appraised items.

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to support the Swope Capital Campaign and get appraisals on your items!

Disclaimer: All appraisals are verbal and conducted as a fundraiser to support the 501(c)3 nonprofit The Swope Art Museum. They are to give the owner an idea of value and sense of its history These comments in no way replace a written assessment (example, for insurance or for future sale). Likewise, research on the items is not exhaustive; we cannot guarantee that all information will be learned at this event. We encourage patrons to take what they learn and conduct additional research or seek out additional experts as required for a complete understanding of your piece. By purchasing tickets, you acknowledge this disclaimer.