74th Annual Wabash Valley Exhibition

List of accepted works

Soulaf Abas, Terre Haute, Indiana
Home Sweet Home #2, 2018, etching on paper
The Road Home, 2018, etching on paper
Tina Banks, Indianapolis, Indiana
In the High Rise, 2017, collage, mixed-media on wood panel
Erin Blitz, Charleston, Illinois
Sun Salute, 2017, Glass
Christy Brinkman-Robertson, Terre Haute, Indiana
Modern Day Ruff Collar from Convenience Materials, 2018, Plastic
Mark Burkett, Mooresville, Indiana
Honeycomb Rock, 2017, oil on masonite panel
Teasel, 2016, oil-based ink on paper
Pamela Burroughs, Terre Haute, Indiana
Gaggle of Geese, 2017, colored pencil on black Mi-Teine’s paper
VooDoo Nanette, 2017, mixed media
Maggie Capettini, Downers Grove, Illinois
Dancing Iris, 2018, oil on gessoboard
Helen Carroll, Indianapolis, Indiana
Shield, 2018, Asian papers, netting and thread mounted on mulberry paper
Biki Chaplain, Benton, Illinois
Fiery Sunset, 2017, oil on canvas panel
Dan Cooper, Indianapolis, Indiana
Jacob’s Dream, 2016, acrylic on canvas
Alicia Criswell, Lafayette, Indiana
Beyond the Shadow of a Doubt, 2017, eyeshadow, lipstick, mascara on matboard, window
Seeing versus Knowing, 2017, lipstick, foundation, blush, eyeshadow, mascara, chalk pastel on matboard, window
Reconciliation, 2017, acrylic on canvas
John DenHouter, Edwardsville, Illinois
Long Shot, 2018, oil on canvas
Bruce Doughty, Mooresville, Indiana
The Angels Come And Go, 2018, ceramic
Fossil From The Moon, 2017, ceramic and metal
Kenya L. Ferrand, West Lafayette, Indiana
I am not a Monster, 2017, canvas, acrylic paint, hanger
Neil Garrison, Terre Haute, Indiana
Wabash River Oxbow, 2018, acrylic on canvas
Bert Gilbert, Solsberry, Indiana
Nocturne, 2018, cast iron, aluminum, bronze
Steve Harrold, West Terre Haute, Indiana
Big City, 2018, oil on canvas
Orange Gust, 2018, oil on canvas
Cathleen Hogan, Terre Haute, Indiana
Melange, 2018, stoneware, metallic pigments, oil pastel, paint
Kathryn Houghton, Crawfordsville, Indiana
Sentries, 2016, acrylic on stretched canvas
James Hubbard, Indianapolis, Indiana
Vertigo, 2017, Mingeishi mulberry paper
James Kellar, Bloomington, Indiana
Old Store Roston, 2017, pigmented archival ink on fiber paper
Jocelyn Krueger, Terre Haute, Indiana
I Vote With My Genitals, But It’s Not What You Think., 2018, oil, enamel, pearlescent pigment powder, cosmetics, and walnut ink on canvas
Evan Larson-Voltz, Dearborn, Michigan
Near Space, 2017, copper, silver and rubber
Fran Lattanzio, Terre Haute, Indiana
HHSB 4, 2018, archivally printed on Red River Soft gloss paper
Over and Under 2, 2018, archivally processed gelatin silver print on Ilford Art 300 paper
Amy MacLennan, Lebanon, Illinois
Bend North of Lebanon, 2016, pastel on paper
Listening to the News: Self Portrait with Honeycomb, 2018, charcoal, ink, gesso on paper
Kristina Marsh Watson, Avon, Indiana
Bismuth Diptych, 2018, acrylic, spray paint, marker, ink
Jeanne Mcleish, Mooresville, Indiana
Dawn from Prospect Point, 2016, oil on linen
Rob Millard-Mendez, Evansville, Indiana
Empiricist Mask, 2016, wood, paint, glass eyes
Lylanne Musselman, Eaton, Indiana
Mr. Recognizable, 2017, pastel with pastel pencil
Rajesh Naidu, Terre Haute, Indiana
Kristen, 2018, oil on canvas
Gregg Nay, Plainfield, Indiana
Clouded Sunset, 2016, stretched canvas
Michael Neary, Lebanon, Illinois
Backyard PM, 2017, oil on BFK paper mounted on canvas with acrylic polymer
Nancy Nichols-Pethick, Terre Haute, Indiana
Remains V, 2018, oil on wood panel
Brianna Orndorff, West Terre Haute, Indiana
Landslide, 2017, acrylics, pigments, liquid gold leaf and resin on wood panel
Anne Parks, West Lafayette, Indiana
Morning on Rocky Creek, 2018, oil on canvas
Jim Pearson, Lawrenceville, Illinois
Landscape, Memory and Bone GWN, 2018, digital print with pigment ink on archival matte paper
Carol A Poshka Scanlon (legal), Paxton, Illinois
WHAT YOU HOLD DEFINES YOUR HEART, 2018, narrative collage laser print on acid-free paper
Kenneth Probst, Wilmette, Illinois
Nude Bather Toweling Off At Cubist Camp, 2017, acrylic on canvas
John Puffer, Vincennes, Indiana
pilaster in the caldarium (Stabian Baths): Pompeii, Italy, 2018, archival inkjet print on acid-free paper
Austin Roberts, Terre Haute, Indiana
The Hermit, 2017, relief print with hand applied watercolor
Eileen Savoldi, Speedway, Indiana
Sea and Sky, 2018, paper
Robert Schwieger, Plainfield, Illinois
Prairie Peddler, 2018, screenprint monotype on glass, reverse applied w/gold leaf and enamels
Adeline Sides, Chicago, Illinois
Creatividad Sagrada, 2018, photographic collage printed on canvas
Curt Stanfield, Rosedale, Indiana
Dude on the Beach, 2018, Oil on panel
Kyle Surges, Lockport, Illinois
Drinking Happy Bird, 2017, oil on panel
James Swanson, LaGrange Park, Illinois
Looking at Renoir, 2018, oil
Mark Warpenburg, Mooresville, Indiana
Beez III Royal Jelly, 2017, Wood, oil paint, canvas, masonry mesh, water filter paper

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