64th Annual Wabash Valley Juried Exhibition

I really like a spatial puzzle. The nature of The Wabash Valley Exhibition is inherently eclectic, being a showcase of regional artists; it’s always an enjoyable yet challenging puzzle to organize. That being said, several strong themes coalesce in this year’s show. Margaret Hawkins, the juror, explained that there is a fine contingent of Landscape or landscape-inspired work; work representing the human figure; and in general work that makes a statement. I found undercurrents of power, of patterning, and of penetrating reflection.

This year I organized the show around the strong undercurrents. Each room, and sometimes a wall or corner of a room, has a distinct attitude or trait. As you enter Gallery One you are hit with bright, strong and powerful images but you will notice a subset of images with quiet strength. Gallery Two is teaming with scattered patterns and with images flowing with the rhythms of life and death. A reverie permeates Gallery Three as you are allowed to gaze in on the artists and their subjects, all engaged in deep reflection.