Welcome to the Sheldon Swope Art Museum in Terre Haute, IN, United States.

We were first funded and founded by Michael Sheldon Swope (1843–1929), a Civil War veteran and jeweler who lived here for much of his adult life. Planning for the art museum began on September 26, 1939, and the museum was officially open to the public on March 21, 1942. Here at the museum, our goal is to collect, preserve, and celebrate the best in American art with programs and exhibitions designed to engage, stimulate, and educate those whose lives it touches. We strive to exhibit local artists and share our town’s history, along with amazing works from all across the states. In addition to housing numerous works, the Swope Art Museum offers summer classes for youth, artist lectures, and exhibitions. We sponsor an annual student art exhibition, a tradition that began in May 1967. Admission to our museum is free. Come and see us from 12 – 5 PM Tuesday through Sunday.

Our January Treasure of the Swope!



Treasures of the Swope

Wild Flowers
c. 1940
Zoltan Sepeshy (1898 Kassa, Hungary – 1974 Royal Oak, Michigan)
Tempera on panel
25” x 32”
Museum purchase
A plush orange pincushion sprouts needles and pins from its round silver base. The object sits atop a bleached wooden table, alongside other scattered paraphernalia of a milliner. The table’s corner juts into the lower right area of the painting with the soft insistence of a housecat bumping for affection, setting off a sequential action of levers originating at the hat decorator’s left elbow, moving along the length of her forearm, then engaging her articulated index finger, which, in turn, presses on a pearl headed hat pin that is poised, like a bubble at the center of the painting: its pinpoint is deftly propelled into the brim of a stylish wide-brimmed hat. The woman’s right hand is hidden from our view, but we intuit its spread-fingered aspect supporting the hat while artificial lily-of-the-valley and apple blossoms are attached with short, stabbing strokes.


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