Alliance of the Swope Presents

If you want to learn more about art and meet some of our local artists, look no further than the Alliance of the Swope Art Talks.

Following their business meetings on the third Friday of each month from September through May, omitting December, the Alliance of the Swope presents its members with a program of lectures that promote the study and enjoyment of art. These lectures are also open to the public. The 2016 schedule for the Alliance Presents is as follows:

SEPTEMBER 16, 2016
Fred Nation, a native of Terre Haute, will speak about why Eugene V. Debs, a national figure for all of his public life, remained in Terre Haute, Indiana. Debs was released from prison in 1921 for his dissenting views on World War 1. A crowd of 25,000 people greeted his homecoming at Union Station. From his birth through his entire career, including five presidential candidacies, he lived in Terre Haute and continued to do so until his death.

OCTOBER 21, 2016
Wabash Valley Weavers Guild members, Cathie Laska, Dawn Carlson, Gretchen Jennermann, Ann Bunch, John Salamone, and Eula Webb, are interested in sharing their excitement and knowledge of weaving with the community. They have been participants in many art fairs and family learning events and their talk will be entitled, “The Museum as Muse”. The Guild has had a presence in Terre Haute for over 40 years. During the Year of the River (2013) the Guild created weavings inspired by the Wabash River. Recently they visited the Swope and each chose one or more works of art as an inspiration. They will share these, as well as other projects, in their presentation.

NOVEMBER 18, 2016
Mary Kramer, Executive Director of Art Spaces, will present Art Spaces’ Turn to the River Project, reconnecting downtown Terre Haute with the Wabash River through public art and design. Mary will present concepts created over the past several years for the four-square block government “campus” and One Wabash, a city-owned riverside property that will be designed as a public green space. She will also share details about the progress of funding, what comes next, and how people may become involved.

JANUARY 20, 2017
Don Monroe, a Sullivan Indiana native, studied at Indiana State University. However, he is basically a self-taught traditional realist artist. Monroe primarily works in oil, but also does watercolor paintings. He is a signature member of the National Watercolor Society. His work has appeared in juried, regional, and national art shows across the United States. Two of his paintings are in the permanent collection of the Swope Art Museum. His presentation will be about the design and execution of two of his works: the first, in oil and the second in carved wood (oil and 22 karat gold leaf on a wooden panel).

FEBRUARY 17, 2017
Patricia McIntyre is an ethicist specializing in the ethics of social structures. Her presentation is entitled “The Moral Considerability of Nature in Landscape Art.” From the earliest examples to present day expressions, landscape paintings offer a fascinating insight into the social ethics of a culture. Euro-American landscape schools have by turn celebrated, condemned, and reinterpreted the human relationship to nature. Human actions always drive the relationship and paintings reveal the twists and turns. Seen in the context of the development of Western civilization, landscapes tell us as much about ourselves as our art.

MARCH 17, 2017
Kris Kraut, CEC, is the Executive Chef of The Red Barn at Sycamore Farms and also operates the Butler’s Pantry. Kris will give a food demonstration and teach our group how to make a presentation salad from an assortment of colorful, fun, seasonal produce. This will make a great stand-alone, vegetarian-friendly salad, but he will also bring some pre-grilled chicken breasts and show us how to use them as a topping for an entree.

APRIL 21, 2017

Rod Bradfield studied printmaking under David Erickson while earning his undergraduate degree at ISU. He was an art educator in Terre Haute for more than 30 years, serving as an art teacher and department chair at Terre Haute South Vigo High School for 24 years.

MAY 19, 2017 
Jon Robeson, Executive Director of Arts Illiana, will speak about the important place Arts Illiana holds in the arts community of the Wabash Valley. Serving as the umbrella arts organization of this area, Arts Illiana strives to be a driving force for progress as well as to show the value of the community’s artistic and cultural treasures. This will also include a discussion of the future of the larger arts community and how much of it should center around the crown jewel of Terre Haute – the Swope Art Museum.