73rd Annual Wabash Valley Exhibition

September 1 – October 28, 2017

Haslem and Hodge Galleries



Reception September 1, 5-8p.m.; Awards Ceremony at 7p.m.


List of accepted works

Soulaf Abas, Terre Haute, Indiana
  Homs, 2017, etching on paper
  I am a Ghost of Myself, 2017, etching on paper
Michelle Adler, Terre Haute, Indiana
  Portrait of Jocelyn, 2016, oil and vine charcoal on canvas
Teresa Altemeyer, Indianapolis, Indiana
  The Union Preserved, 2016, watercolor on paper
dan annarino, West Lafayette, Indiana
  treeline reflections, 2017, oil on canvas
Satch Artist, Carmel, Indiana
  Blank Me, 2015, antique dress form, metal and recycled materials
John Benton, Chicago, Illinois
  Point of View (Self Portrait), 2016, oil on canvas
  Early Sunday Morning, 2016, oil on canvas
Chris Berti, Urbana, Illinois
  Jugglers, 2017, vintage wood juggling pins with maple children’s building blocks
Courtland Blade, Indianapolis, Indiana
  10th street construction, 2017, oil on canvas
  View from the chase tower parking garage facing north along Pennsylvania ave., 2017, oil on linen
Matthew Boonstra, Charleston, Illinois
  Nowhere: My Family Is My Home, 2017, steel, bronze, paint
  Nowhere V, 2017, bronze, steel, paint
Austin Brady, South Bend, Indiana
  BUTT ANXIETY, 2016, oil on panel
Mark Burkett, Mooresville, Indiana
  Steamboat Rock, 2016, ink on paper
  In the Morning, 2017, ink on paper
Elizabeth Diaz, West Lafayette, Indiana
  Yellow Field, 2017, oil on canvas
Bruce Doughty, Mooresville, Indiana
  Selfie, With Friends, 2017, ceramic
Robert Fields, Chicago, Illinois
  No one is illegal. (For ‘Father Moses’), 2016, acrylic paint on birch plywood panel
Neil Garrison, Terre Haute, Indiana
  Circular Sky, 2016, acrylic on canvas
  Coffee and Donuts, 2017, acrylic on canvas
Steve Harrold, West Terre Haute, Indiana
  Northside a.m., 2017, oil on canvas
Kathryn Houghton, Crawfordsville, Indiana
  Enchanted Pumpkin, 2016, acrylic on canvas
Kelly Joslin, Dayton, Ohio
  Solitary, 2016, archival giclee print
  Trestle, 2017, archival giclee print
Kira Kalondy, Terre Haute, Indiana
  Tulip, 2016, thrown, altered, underglaze, earthenware
  Black Tulip, 2016, thrown, altered, slip, glazed earthenware
  Dynamo, 2015, thrown, altered, underglaze, earthenware
J. Krueger, Terre Haute, Indiana
  Grab, Hold, 2017, walnut ink on paper
Fran Lattanzio, Terre Haute, Indiana
  Mobius Series 2, 2017, collaged photo paper
  Mobius Series 19, 2017, collaged photo paper
Kathleen Laufman, Plymouth, Michigan
  She Shed, 2017, ink, beads, thread on paper
Jeanne Mcleish, Mooresville, Indiana
  Strap Ferns, 2015, watercolor on paper
  St. Mary’s Morning, 2015, oil on linen canvas.
Rob Millard-Mendez, Evansville, Indiana
  Building a Movement (after George Lopez), 2017, wood, paint, string, plastic
Rajesh Naidu, Terre Haute, Indiana
  Marga Lying on The Couch and Reading, 2017, oil on canvas
Stefan Nodarse, Terre Haute, Indiana
  Richard Alan Bolding/Uncle Alan (Silver Age), 2017, relief ink, spray paint on carved MDF
  Condemned Man (after Gustav Klimt), 2017, etching, aquatint on paper
Jim Pearson, Lawrenceville, Illinois
  Landscape, Memory and Bone WKL, 2017, digital print on paper
  Landscape, Memory and Bone LHT, 2017, digital print on paper
Patricia Rhoden, Nashville, Indiana
  One With His Music, 2017, pencil on paper
Linda Sage, Morgantown, Indiana
  A ride in the Woods, 2017, hand-pulled print on rives bfk paper,a/p
James Shepard, West Terre Haute, Indiana
  Signs, 2017, acrylic on canvas
james swanson, LaGrange Park, Illinois
  A winters walk, 2015, oil on linen
  Loaded Down Woman, 2016, oil on linen
Edward Trover, Terre Haute, Indiana
  Colors of the Midwest, 2017, google image search